A New Way to Get Feedback From Your Readers

We’re currently running a set of customer interviews and market research to figure out the challenges writers have in knowing readers’ feedback about posts and newsletters.

Today I’ve decided to take it further by sharing our idea with you in this post and hopefully hear your thoughts in the comment section.

Clear feedback is the cornerstone of improvement ~ Sir David Brailsford’

The problem

A few weeks ago, I internalized Sir David Brailsford’s quote and I decided to hear the silent thoughts (feedback) of my monthly newsletter readers.

I wanted to know how my readers perceive each newsletter. I’m not a charity organization, but I want to know if I have helped someone 😀.

I searched google for tools that would allow me to add a simple rating system at the footer of my newsletter where readers can express their views about it with just a click.

As a developer 👨‍💻 who loves to write, I don’t only want to increase the number of my loyal readers but also want to know what categories of content make them stick around 💯.

I guess I didn’t find a simple, easy-to-use rating system because no one created it.

Here is the idea

I believe there is a hero in every one of us and everyone of us does little heroic things every day that deserve hearts. It could be as small as pointing someone to a link on solving a particular problem. And it could be as big as writing a 2000 word blog post on a new algorithm.

Every heroic act deserves a heart from those who care.

Our idea 💡 is to create a platform that allows anyone (tech and non-tech people) to receive hearts and 5 star-ratings from their newsletters, webpages, and blog posts. A heart is a reader who expresses how deeply he’s touched or affected by your post in a positive way. Whilst a 5-star rating scaled measurement of user interests just like Amazon Customer ratings or IMDB movie ratings.


20 hearts to Jake Nevins for his post on the New York Times’s website.

If you like the idea and you want to join the list of beta users, perhaps you want to learn more; please visit our page.

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