These blog posts will make you a better software engineering leader.

11 Blog Posts That Shaped My Leadership Perspectives in 2021

James Samuel
6 min readJan 9, 2022


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Last year, I broke my records of daily readings. It was the year I read the most books, and it was also the year I read the most blog posts. In 2021, I was fortunate enough to come across great posts and books that shaped my perspectives on leading software teams and helped me become a better software engineer.

In this post, I’ll share some of these blog posts. I believe there are ideas and new learnings in them that will make you a better engineer or engineering manager.

Making the Most of These Posts

Frequently, I find myself in a situation where I could use some insights from what I’ve learned, and I completely forgot them. I’ve developed a process that helped me remember what I read and make them stick.

As you read through each post, I recommend doing the following to get the best out of each post.

  1. Know what you’re reading. Read what the introduction is about and note down what you’ll learn at the end. This will prepare your mind for the insights to come.
  2. Identify and jot down key ideas and information in the post. Write down learnings, insights, and ideas. Taking notes of what you learn prompts you to think about your learnings and also improves your memory.
  3. Make your notes searchable.
  4. Re-read your notes often.

Effective Communication Is Not About What You Say — Melanie Ensign

Communication is very crucial to leading effectively. But there is a clear difference between merely passing a message across and communicating effectively. The outcome of any communication is what determines how effective it is. Simply pushing out a message or publishing information is not enough to measure its impact. Effective communication is focused on what people need to hear in order to reach the outcome you desire and less on what you say.



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